Visual Inspection

5 Important Things to Know About a Visual Inspection Machine

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With machine vision, you can use a computer system to look at images whether they are recorded or live in order to find out important information. And the great thing about this system is that it can help you tell cats from dogs and distinguish hot dogs from other “similar” objects. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 important things that you may want to know about… Read More »5 Important Things to Know About a Visual Inspection Machine

Vision Systems

Machine Vision Systems: Basics Things to Know

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If you are interested in visual inspection systems, this article is going to be quite informative for you. This article will let you know the basics of a machine vision system and other important aspects of it. To know more, you may want to read through the article. Basically, machine vision refers to computer vision. In other words, it uses one or multiple computer-based cameras, digital processing (DSP), and analog-to-digital… Read More »Machine Vision Systems: Basics Things to Know

ai in medical

AI in the Medical Field

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AI is definitely an emerging technology. Especially now that the likes of Google and Amazon have bought in their AI bots allowing you to ask what the weather is, what is on your calendar or remind you to walk the dog. However there are far more serious uses for AI and the medical field is leading the technology march. Imagine you had a leading surgeon, you would want them to… Read More »AI in the Medical Field

Material Master Taxonomy

PiLog’s Material Master Taxonomy

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The PiLog’s Master Data Management (MDM) strategy offers end-to-end consulting, implementation services & data quality management. MDM is all about solving business issues or problems and improving data trustworthiness through the effective & seamless integration of information with business processes. PiLog’s worldwide leadership in Master Data Governance (MDG) and in particular in the sphere of the material master has once again been proven. Dr. Salomon de Jager, PiLog Group CEO said that PiLog’s… Read More »PiLog’s Material Master Taxonomy