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Machine Vision System

Steps You need to take – For Better Efficiency & Productivity

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If you want to make your production system more efficient, you can give a go to machine vision. Often, production speed depends upon a lot of factors, and one of them is the inspection speed. An efficient machine vision system can help you enjoy a lot of benefits including higher productivity. You may want to take all the steps that can help you make your production more efficient. In this… Read More »Steps You need to take – For Better Efficiency & Productivity

ai in medical

AI in the Medical Field

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AI is definitely an emerging technology. Especially now that the likes of Google and Amazon have bought in their AI bots allowing you to ask what the weather is, what is on your calendar or remind you to walk the dog. However there are far more serious uses for AI and the medical field is leading the technology march. Imagine you had a leading surgeon, you would want them to… Read More »AI in the Medical Field